Mining, as a long-term endeavor, drives our commitment to creating shared value. This commitment shapes our policies and practices, aiming to contribute to Newmont’s long-term success while catalyzing socio-economic development in the communities we serve.

Our priority topic under Economic is Value Sharing. Learn more below.

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Fulfilled commitment to contribute $20M to support host communities and countries address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic
$4.7B contributed in direct economic contributions, including salaries, taxes, royalties, payments to governments and community contributions

More than ever, society expects business to play an integral role in addressing societal challenges, improving outcomes and empowering communities to be active partners in decisions that affect them. To meet these expectations, Newmont aims to generate shared value, serve as a catalyst for sustainable development, and build trust and credibility through meaningful engagement and transparent reporting.

Cover of 2023 Taxes and Royalties Contribution Report