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    We serve as a catalyst for local economic development through transparent and respectful stakeholder engagement, and as responsible stewards of the environment.

Our suite of sustainability-related reports addresses several ESG-focused topics, global industry-related issues and our progress on public targets that matter most to key stakeholders. Download our latest reports to learn more.

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Taxes and Royalties Contribution Report

2023 Taxes and Royalties Contribution Report

Leadership Reflections

Newmont continues to lead the industry in its ESG practices and in looking ahead to identify and understand potential risks and opportunities to the Company's business activities, the industry overall, and issues important to our stakeholders. In this year's Leadership Reflections series, we asked three of the newest members of Newmont's Executive Leadership Team to share their perspectives on sustainability as it relates to their new role and what the transformative Newcrest transaction means for the Company.

2023 Leadership Reflections - Suzy Retallack

Suzy Retallack serves as Newmont’s Chief Safety and Sustainability Officer, bringing over 20 years of experience in the mining industry to her role. With Newmont for five years and in her current position since June 2023, Suzy reflects on Newmont’s approach to sustainability.

2023 Leadership Reflections - Karyn Ovelmen

Karyn Ovelmen, who joined Newmont in May 2023 as Chief Financial Officer, shares her thoughts on the highly complex, capital-intensive mining industry and how sustainability and financial performance are interconnected.

2023 Leadership Reflections - Natascha Viljoen

Natascha Viljoen joined Newmont in October 2023 as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Natascha shares her perspective on Newmont and the importance of sustainability to the business.




Percentile ranking global metals and mining sector



ESG Risk Rating measures exposure and management of material ESG risks*



Most transparent company in S&P 500; Bloomberg ESG Disclosure Score



CDP Climate Scores reflective of coordinated action on climate issues



Precious metals and mining



Top-decile for high-quality governance practices and lower governance risk



Ranking among the 100 Best Corporate Citizens by 3BL



Among more then 100 apparel and Extractive companies on the 2023 Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

Ratings and rankings can fluctuate throughout the year, either based on Newmont performance, or relative to sector rankings and/or ratings agency scoring changes and periodic updates. Ratings and recognition items shown here are effective as of December 31, 2023.

*The Sustainalytics rating shown on the ESG screen of the Bloomberg terminal has changed from a percentile rank to a risk score. Newmont’s 20 score translates to Medium Risk