Mining is a resource-intensive business that provides the minerals necessary to power our economy and support our lifestyle.

The demand for all resources, including energy, land and water, is rapidly increasing. A growing global population and associated increasing consumption levels create more competition for these resources, particularly in the developing countries that have much of the world’s future mineral reserves. More than ever before, it is essential for mining companies to assure our stakeholders that we will manage the resources we need to sustain our business in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner, while also creating shared value with the communities that host our operations.

Creating shared value is fundamental to building and maintaining the community relationships necessary to ensure responsible mining is sustainable. Shared value can be realized in a number of ways, including:

Building or strengthening

the local economy through job creation, training, taxes and inducing new business creation.


the asset base of a community through infrastructure and social investments.


the resilience of a community, or a vulnerable group within the community, through nutrition, literacy and livelihood programs.


that processes and outcomes are socially and environmentally sustainable.