Respecting the fundamental freedoms and human rights of our workers and the communities who could be impacted by our activities lies at the heart of our sustainability approach.

Because our activities have the potential to impact human rights, we commit to prevent, mitigate and manage potential negative impacts. We also strive to promote human rights and contribute to improved human dignity and living conditions through activities such as job creation and local procurement, investments in community capacity building, infrastructure, and economic development programs.

Newmont’s policies, human rights standard and supplier code of conduct guide our human rights performance, and the performance we expect from others working with us or on our behalf.

Those impacted by our activities must have access to appropriate remedies, judicial and non-judicial. Our commitment to operational level complaints and grievance mechanisms is outlined in our Stakeholder Relationship Management Standard.

Guide to Respecting Human Rights

Respecting human rights is central to delivering on Newmont’s purpose to create value and improve lives through sustainable and responsible mining. Our efforts to better understand human rights risks in our business include embedding human rights consideration into our policies, systems and programs and working toward better managing human rights risks throughout our global supply chain.

Download Newmont’s Guide to Respecting Human Rights

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Human Rights Standard

Implementation of this Standard will enable us to respect the human rights of our workforce and communities wherever we do business, manage risks in our supply chain, uphold international human rights standards, make informed decisions to manage risks to people and to our business, and fulfill commitments in our Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement Policy.

Download Newmont’s Human Rights Standard.

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Supplier code of conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct (“Supplier Code”) publicly sets out the minimum standards of conduct expected from all Suppliers wishing to do business with, or on behalf of, Newmont. This Supplier Code should be read in conjunction with Newmont’s Code of Conduct, which applies to all of our employees, officers and directors, and to our partners and Suppliers when they are working with us or on our behalf.

Download Newmont’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

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Modern Slavery Statement

While there are currently no legal requirements for Newmont to report on our actions to eliminate modern slavery, we are committed to open and transparent reporting on the challenges we face. This statement reflects our commitment to respecting Human Rights and highlights key actions we are taking to address risks in our own operations, and our supply chain, including risks associated with modern slavery. We encourage sensible legislation on this important topic and in this regard, contributed to a joint statement with members of the Business for Social Responsibility’s (BSR) human rights working group. The statement supports the Australian government’s planned work on modern slavery.

Download Newmont’s Modern Slavery Statement.

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Annual Report to the Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights

Newmont formally recognizes our commitments to the Voluntary Principles and their relevance and contribution to maintaining safe and secure operations while respecting human rights. We have contributed to improving the mining industry’s performance and reputation at a number of meetings, conferences and roundtable sessions involving professionals from the extractives sector and other industries. We have also provided expanded briefings on the Voluntary Principles to include community members, local officials and other interested stakeholders at some operations. The details of the Voluntary Principles are also discussed across a broad spectrum of functional areas inside Newmont.

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Beyond the Mine

Our activities throughout the mine lifecycle have the potential to impact the rights of people. We recognize that respecting human rights not only makes business sense, it is also the right thing to do. We also believe we can, and should, positively contribute to human rights by strengthening capacity and empowering communities.

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Stakeholder Relationship Management Standard

This Global Standard sets the minimum requirements to adequately identify and effectively engage people and groups who have the potential to impact, or to be impacted by our business activities. The Standard outlines Newmont’s requirements for our sites to implement complaints and grievance mechanisms in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Download Newmont’s Stakeholder Relationship Management Standard.

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Indigenous Peoples Standard

Newmont recognizes the unique rights, culture, and history of Indigenous Peoples, and that they have distinct interests and concerns that differ from or are in addition to those of other stakeholder groups. We acknowledge and respect traditional landownership and uses.

Download Newmont’s Indigenous Peoples Standard

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