CDP, CRR & Other Reports

We regularly report on our sustainability efforts, and our performance is measured through independent assessments, stakeholder feedback and recognition.

Beyond the Mine

Newmont’s sustainability report, Beyond the Mine, describes our approach to sustainability, outlines the programs we have in place to reach our sustainable development objectives, and reports metrics from our annual performance. It is prepared as a part of our commitment to international initiatives such as the International Council on Mining and Metals’ Sustainable Development Framework and the United Nations Global Compact.

CDP Reports

Community Relationships Review (CRR)

In 2009, we released the results of the Community Relationships Review (CRR), an independent assessment of our relationships with local communities. This report is the first of its kind by a mining company because it offered detailed, transparent and honest feedback from community stakeholders. The independent CRR highlighted what we do well and where we need improvement. Each year, we report findings and progress against our CRR action plan in Beyond the Mine.

Community Relationships Review Global Summary Report and Appendices
Site Specific Community Relationships Review Reports
Building Effective Community Relationships – Final Report of the Advisory Panel to Newmont’s Community Relationships Review
Report of the Environmental and Social Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors
Reports to Shareholders
Additional Documents

Regional Reports

Each of our mine sites conducts extensive environmental and social assessments. For reports specific to each of our mine sites, please select one of the links below:

Conflict-Free Gold

In 2013, we officially adopted our Conflict-Free Gold Standard which reinforces our commitment to responsible and ethical business practices.