Newmont’s Health & Safety

Our goal is to create a culture of zero harm and a workplace free of injuries and occupational illnesses. Our employees and business partners work around the world in a variety of environments. Some work in underground mines, some in remote parts of the world and others in office buildings.

To create a safe working environment requires the uncompromising commitment of all of our people to demonstrate leadership in safety. By focusing on four key areas – Safety Leadership, Injury Prevention, Fatality Prevention, and Health and Wellbeing – we believe Newmont can achieve industry leading performance and a culture of zero harm.

The following principles guide our health and safety performance:

  • Our goal is to achieve a zero harm workplace.
  • All injuries are preventable.
  • If a task cannot be done safely, it will not be done.
  • Working safely is a condition of employment.
  • Everyone is accountable for his or her own safety and the safety of those around them.
  • Everyone is expected to identify hazards and manage risks.
  • Everyone must maintain the necessary skills to work safely.
  • There are certain safety practices that, if breached, may lead to termination of employment.


A safe workplace is more than just policies and standards – it requires active participation. We believe that most, if not all, accidents are preventable, and “less safe” behaviors are the primary cause of injuries, fatalities and “near misses.” As a result, Newmonts efforts focus on driving behavior changes, while also continuing to advance system improvements that lead to a safer work environment.

Newmont’s Safety Journey
Newmont’s “Safety Journey” is a company-wide program designed to assist individuals, teams, sites and regions with fully integrating safety into everything we do. The Journey is used to help our people identify risks and take the actions necessary to create a safety culture across the globe.

Leadership is fundamental to creating a safe work environment. Our Health and Safety programs focus on Visible Felt Leadership with an emphasis on key programs such as Safety Interactions, Vital Behaviors, Operational Risk Management and Integrated Health and Safety Leadership Teams.

Visible, Felt Leadership
Safety Shares – which are employee-led discussions about safety experiences and lessons held at the start of every meeting and shift – and Personal Safety Plans are examples of safety interactions that provide opportunities for our employees and contractors to speak up and for managers and supervisors to demonstrate safety leadership.

Our Safety Leadership Coaching program places an emphasis on improving frontline supervisors’ ability to engage constructively with their teams.

Integrated Health and Safety Leadership Teams
Newmont’s Health and Safety Leadership Team is led by our Chief Executive Officer and meets on a monthly basis to discuss safety performance, share best practices and form teams to address emerging issues.

Operational Risk Management
Our Risk Management program ensures that operational exposures are identified and effectively managed. Field-level risk competency is a cornerstone of the Safety Leadership Coaching program. The program assists frontline supervisors in assessing situations, and identifying and using the most effective tools to manage and mitigate the associated risks.

Learning from Others
To improve our safety performance and help raise the performance of the entire industry, we share and learn lessons by participating in the following programs and organizations:

  • ICMM – a global organization that aims to advance the sustainable development performance – including six areas in health and safety – of the mining and metals industry.
  • The Mining Safety Roundtable – a group of executive and senior mining professionals whose goal is to strengthen safety practices and policies within the industry.
  • Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table (EMESRT) – a group of mining companies and equipment manufacturers that address equipment safety and health risks.
  • The National Mining Association’s CORESafety program – a program that provides a common roadmap to achieve zero fatalities and lower the injury rate by 50 percent by 2017.

Our goal of zero harm includes protecting and promoting the health and wellbeing of our people and minimizing illnesses in the workplace.

Newmont’s people work in a variety of conditions around the world, and in some places conditions like malaria, HIV and tuberculosis are prevalent. Our programs focus on education, prevention, behavior modification, effective treatment, monitoring and evaluation.

Mining also exposes certain workers to dust, chemicals, noise and fumes. Our standards and processes are designed to effectively identify and manage these risks.

A healthy workforce is a more engaged one. Through a number of workplace wellness programs, we aim to encourage healthy lifestyles through education about nutrition and exercise and by providing incentives for workers to conduct wellness checks.