Our Nevada ranch operations are actively involved in the communities of northern Nevada. They provide an abundance of experiences to individuals who may never have the opportunity to see what life on the ranch or range is like.

The Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs

Newmont began its partnership with The Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs (NOW) in 2011. At our TS Ranch, the Nevada Department of Wildlife gives us a few hunting tags in exchange for allowing pronghorn antelope to graze on the alfalfa fields. Hunting is engrained in Nevada’s culture, and each year in August, NOW brings sportsmen that are confined to wheelchairs to the ranch for a pronghorn antelope hunt. Hunters, caregivers, and staff members of NOW stay at the headquarters of the TS Ranch where they build lasting relationships and enjoy the opportunities allowed by the great outdoors in Nevada.

Photography Program

Each year the TS Ranch provides high school students from Spring Creek High School the opportunity to visit the TS Ranch and photograph ranch life.