Key Facts

Newmont owns or controls approximately 2.6 million acres in Nevada.

Our Nevada operations account for approximately one-third of Newmont's worldwide gold production.

About 125,000 acres of private and public land in Nevada is reserved for mining use. Portions of that acreage have already been reclaimed, are undergoing reclamation, or remain undisturbed.

Newmont has been pouring gold in Nevada for over 50 years along a 100-mile corridor in the northern part of the state. Our Nevada properties operate as an integrated unit and, together, they boast the widest variety of processing methods of any gold mining complex in the world. This allows us to maximize economic recovery of gold from a wide range of ore types and grades. In addition to gold, our operations produce silver and copper. Operations include 11 surface mines, eight underground mines and 13 processing facilities.

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