Safety is a part of the way we do business at Newmont, and in Nevada it’s no different. We participate in Newmont’s Safety Journey initiative and have several programs and tools to help us move toward achieving zero harm in the workplace.


Visible Felt Leadership through Safety Interactions puts focus on the importance of talking about safety everywhere in the workplace. It’s a simple process.

Supervision and management go out to where employees are working. They might discuss the current work and any safety concerns surrounding it or a safety share about a recent event. The point is that the employees get a message that safety is important while they are doing the work and not only at prescribed times, such as safety meetings. In our first month of using Safety Interactions as a tool, we exceeded our goal by almost 3,000 additional interactions!

We have two employee-led safety programs in Nevada called the Employee Safety Program (ESP) and Talking Safety. The goal of these programs is to encourage employees to always put their safety and the safety of others ahead of all else. “When you’re talking safety, you’re thinking safety.” It is in part through these efforts we have seen a drop in our injury rates and an improvement in our safety culture. By continuing these efforts and encouraging ownership of safety at all levels of the organization, we will reach Zero Harm.