We use best practices to manage storm water, prevent pollution and protect wildlife. Careful monitoring of air, water quality and quantity, wildlife populations and habitat are key to protecting these resources.

Baseline environmental studies have been ongoing since 2009 and include hydrology and geochemical characterizations, air quality modeling, biological inventories, a social impact assessment, wildlife inventories, and cultural resource/ archaeological inventories. These baseline environmental studies and inventories have provided the technical information necessary to responsibly build detailed mining and processing designs and engineering.

Along with the extensive baseline environmental studies, Newmont has worked transparently and collaboratively with public and private entities to develop and deliver a Plan of Operations (PoO) for mining and mineral processing to the BLM. The draft Environmental Impact Statement was released on March 12, 2014 with public comment period closing on May 5, 2014. The comment period was an opportunity for the public to provide their input to help shape how the Long Canyon Project is to be formed.