The Pajares Family Responds Violently to New Possessory Defense Exercised by Yanacocha


They attacked company workers with stones and slingshots, even injuring the notary and a cameraman who accompanied the proceeding.

This morning Yanacocha conducted a new possessory defense on its land in the Paquerumi area, in the face of another invasion by the Pajares family members who erected two buildings seeking to take possession of company land.

This land is duly registered in public records and Yanacocha has possession over them for many years, as evidenced by the the Chaquicocha Pit operation, located less than 400 meters from the invaded zone.

In spite that this action was legal, had police support and was timely informed to the authorities, members of the Pajares family and villagers to whom the family had illegally sold land owned by Yanacocha, attacked employees and members of the company’s security team with stones and slingshots. The notary who accompanied the proceeding was hit on the right knee and a cameraman ended up with wounds on his hand and chest, among other workers who were injured.

Members of the National Police acted as observers, and did not participate in this action. The violence of the invaders forced Yanacocha security team to respond with pepper spray to deter the invaders. Three individuals were apprehended, who were immediately turned over to the judicial police.

During the possessory defense, two structures erected by the family were removed. The largest, built with rammed earth, had to be removed with machinery. The same equipment had to tow a 4WD pickup truck, which is in custody and will be put at the disposal of the Prosecutor together with the goods found in the huts.

Raúl Farfán, director of External Affairs of Yanacocha, said: "We have held several meetings with the Pajares family members. We are in permanent contact with them, because we want to reach a solution through dialogue. We do not understand why they insist on these invasions and really regret this violent response which only aggravates the illegality of their actions."

This is the fourth time the company has to enforce its property rights in the face of the repeated attempts of the family to take over. Once again, Yanacocha calls upon the Pajares family to abandon this type of illegal and violent actions, which endanger the safety of people and violate the legitimate rights of the company.

Cajamarca, September 5, 2017

Communications Office