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Measuring the Progress of Our Inclusion and Diversity Journey

Since we introduced our global inclusion and diversity strategy in 2013, we have significantly increased our understanding of what is required to create a workplace where everyone is treated with respect and contributes to the Company’s success.

Specific learnings and observations include:

  • A commitment from the Board of Directors and executive leaders is essential to operationalize efforts.
  • There must be an equal focus on diversity (increasing representation in certain groups) and inclusion (ensuring diversity thrives through support from teams, peers and others) to teach inclusive practices to majority groups and improve retention among minority groups.
  • Data is crucial for analyzing historical trends, identifying root causes, forecasting, tracking progress and validating hypotheses.
  • Our employee-led and executive leadership–sponsored business resource groups (BRGs), which we have at each operation, are tremendous assets in creating an even more inclusive workplace.
  • Removing basic symbols of exclusion – such as offering women’s uniforms and ensuring rooms for women who are nursing are available at mine sites – is critical.

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