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How Newmont Is Deploying Targeted Innovation for Improved Operations

March 27, 2019

Piloting and deploying technological innovations are a crucial part of Newmont’s strategy to optimize resource value and deliver improved operational performance. It’s a process that relies on the expertise of our regional technology teams, who, as Mike describes, are “instrumental to digital transformation at Newmont.”

In Australia, a small, flexible and extremely experienced team of technicians and engineers are focused on deploying targeted innovations at Boddington and Tanami. Their efforts include a full rollout at Boddington of the first commercial application of the Vulcan optimizer – an automated, revenue-based ore control software that reduces variability while optimizing ore recovery and cutting down on waste. The IT team provided new infrastructure and support needed to deploy the technology. They also worked to replace Boddington’s old Wi-Fi system in the last two years – a move that now allows for seamless, continuous interoperability and will support the execution of numerous digital initiatives going forward.

A pilot study of the MineStar suite of technologies for underground is underway at Tanami. This exciting pilot of the latest Caterpillar and Minetec technologies will lay the foundation for a range of Newmont’s safety, productivity and cost initiatives. Grant Cunningham, Regional IT Operational Engagement Architect, is the primary liaison between the vendors and Newmont site teams – he explains that an important aspect of the pilot is “getting a broad cross-section of personnel exposed to the technologies so they can gain working knowledge of its benefits and contribute to the final assessment.”

While important, the pilots are just one piece of the puzzle. As Mike Wundenberg explains, the key to successful digital transformation is having “the workforce on board.” And, thanks to our people and partners, targeted digital initiatives like those in Australia are being piloted, then deployed, across our mines with the common goal of value creation through enhanced safeguards and operational efficiency.