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Newmont Ghana Recognized for Local Content Development Commitment

December 01, 2016

Newmont Ghana has been at the forefront of encouraging local procurement since it started commenced business in 2006. The company ensures that Ghanaian-owned companies are considered for contracts through fair and transparent processes, and holds capacity building programs for local businesses in its Ahafo and Akyem host communities. This makes it possible for local companies to provide business support to the mines and other businesses across Ghana.

At the 5th AGI Ghana Industry Awards recently held in Accra, the Association of Ghana Industries honored Newmont Ghana for its leadership role and commitment to local content development in the country. In particular, the Association recognized the company’s efforts at helping build the capacity of local businesses and promoting the procurement of goods and services from indigenous suppliers.

The AGI also lauded Newmont Ghana for advancing extensive community development programs in its Ahafo host communities through the Newmont Ahafo Development Foundation.

“Hiring and sourcing locally is an integral part of our operations at Newmont and we are happy that our various local content initiatives are achieving the right results,” said George Brakoh, Newmont Ghana’s Regional Manager, Local Business.

In 2007, the Ahafo mine collaborated with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to establish an initiative known as the Ahafo Linkages Program (ALP) to support the development of local businesses as potential suppliers and providers of goods and services to the mine. The program was also aimed at supporting the development of local non-mining businesses to develop a diversified local economy outside the mining sector.

“So far, we have awarded contracts to about 500 local businesses within our host communities through the ALP and other programs, with two of the companies, Alexiboam Company Ltd and Sarfpok Ltd, going on to receive industry recognition for their work with us,” Mr. Brakoh added.

The Ahafo Linkages Program (ALP) has been recognized by the World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD) as Best Practice SME Linkages/Sustainability Project.

According to Mr. Brakoh, Newmont Ghana is playing a leading role in the development of a long-term national sustainable policy and supplier development program for the mining industry to help promote sourcing from local businesses within the mining industry and beyond.

“We are working with the Ghana Chamber of mines to support local businesses within the mining sector and ensure that a significant portion of the industry’s procurement is sourced from indigenous companies. Already, we are making strides in this regard and the future can only be brighter,” he concluded.



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