• Newmont’s Peruvian operation is the largest in Latin America.
  • Minera Yanacocha has reforested 13,296 acres of trees to reverse historical deforestation in this area.

The South America Region

Operating the largest gold mine in Latin America requires Newmont to ensure our production and environmental standards abide by the laws regulating mining activities both at a domestic and international level. We are a company that promotes the permanent growth of the region in compliance with responsible practices that value our workers and those engaged in forming a better society in which mining can coexist with the other productive activities of the region.

On July 23, 2009, Newmont announced the transfer of its interest in Empresa Minera Inti Raymi S.A., which owned the Kori Kollo gold mine and Kori Chaca gold mine, to Compania Procesadora de Minerales S.A. ("CPM"), a company controlled by Newmont's long-time Bolivian partner Jose Mercado.


Minera Yanacocha, Peru

Located high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, Yanacocha is the largest gold producer in Latin America. With three active open pits, production has exceeded 26 million ounces since the mine opened in 1993. Although just 6 miles away from the city of Cajamarca, much work has been done to build roads and improve basic infrastructure for the operation in the area.

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For a copy of the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) and CCPM Grupo Consultor report commissioned by Yanacocha, please click here.

To learn more about Yanacocha’s work to build a legitimate path forward and our community engagement progress, please click here.

Information on NewFields’ Critique of Barenys et al. (2014) study can be found in English and Spanish.

Information on Choropampa mercury spill can be found here.



Merian Gold Project, Suriname

Suriname Gold Company, LLC (Surgold) is a limited liability company owned equally by Newmont Overseas Exploration Limited and Alcoa Worldwide Alumina, LLC.  Newmont is the manager of Surgold, which owns and operates the Merian Gold Project.  Merian consists of a series of saprolite and fresh rock ore bodies containing gold.  It is located approximately 60 km south of Moengo, Suriname.

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Minas Conga, Peru

Minas Conga, Peru

The Conga Project in Peru involves surface mining of a large copper porphyry deposit also containing gold that is located 24 kilometers northeast our Yanacocha Gold Mine, which is also a joint venture between Newmont and Buenaventura.

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