We use best practices to manage storm water, prevent pollution and protect wildlife. Careful monitoring of air, water quality and quantity, wildlife populations and habitat are key to protecting these resources. Monitoring reports are routinely and regularly submitted to various regulatory agencies.

Compliance and Reporting

All of Newmont’s Nevada sites, facilities and projects are subject to environmental regulations. At each of our operations, Newmont has a staff of environmental professionals and technicians.


In 1993, Newmont, along with the Bureau of Land Management, entered into the Maggie Creek Watershed Restoration Project to focus on improving the riparian areas and stream conditions of Maggie Creek, which flows along SR 227 north of Carlin, Nevada. Partners of the Maggie Creek Watershed Restoration Project include the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Nevada Department of Wildlife, Newmont Mining Corporation, Trout Unlimited, TS Ranch and Maggie Creek Ranch.

Closure and Reclamation

Nevada’s vast wide open spaces are beautiful and we want them to remain so. In keeping with this commitment, we have made reclamation and closure of Newmont properties a critical part of the planning and operation of each mine.

Newmont has received numerous “Excellence in Mine Reclamation Awards” from the Bureau of Land Management in recognition of our active and ongoing commitment to responsible closure and reclamation throughout Nevada.