CC&V is operating under a reclamation permit granted by the State of Colorado in 1980. Certain changes in operations, such as boundary, reclamation, or operating methods require an amendment to the permit.

The Amendment 11 application was submitted in December 2015 and approved by the Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety in February 2017. Submittal of the application to Teller County occurred in March 2017. When the applications are deemed complete, a schedule for public review and comment will be established and announced throughout State, County, and CC&V communications channels.

Newmont is studying technical and economic optionality at CC&V and the permit application includes a variety of options to support a full range of future mining possibilities. The business strategy, influenced by market conditions, will determine the future direction of any operations and future permitting applications.

As this dynamic process proceeds, CC&V will provide updates to our community. Amendment 11 application documents are available at:

Teller County Clerk and Recorders Office
The Woodland Park and Victor Libraries
By contacting CC&V at