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Your military experience sets you apart. You are dedicated, hard-working and you get the job done. You’ve proven it. At Newmont, we value that experience and we are equally dedicated to working with you to make the transition from your military career to a civilian career a successful and rewarding one.

Whether you are an Officer or Enlisted, Newmont has opportunities where you can apply your skills and gain new ones. If you want to work for a global leader in the mining industry and team with other dedicated professionals, then Newmont may be the right place for you.

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Name –  Mark

Job Title and Site Location – Regional Director of Security, North America Regional Office, Elko, NV

Military Service Branch – U.S. Navy

Number of Years in the Military – 22

Number of Years with Newmont – 1

How has your experience with the military benefited you in your career with Newmont?

The ability to adapt to change while keeping your focus was not only critical while I was serving in the military but it’s also critical here at Newmont. Adapting to change will be critical in reaching our strategic objectives of producing 7 million ounces of gold by 2017.

What advice do you have for someone transitioning from the military to Newmont?

Set clear and concise goals for yourself. Understand that you’ll be entering a different environment with its own culture and language. One thing I’ve learned here at Newmont is that people will bend over backwards to assist you so don’t hesitate to ask questions. And finally, don’t just turn the page, close the book.