• In 1962, Newmont revolutionized the gold mining industry with the world’s first discovery of submicroscopic or “invisible gold.”
  • Newmont helped found the ICMM, promoting sustainable development and social responsibility in mining.

Jundee Uses Technology to Protect Indigenous Heritage

Wiluna, Western Australia

Newmont Jundee is using electronic mapping technology to save time and minimize risks in meeting commitments to Indigenous heritage agreements, which include identifying and protecting heritage locations at the site and surrounding areas.A mine team consolidated more than 35 completed heritage survey reports spanning 20 years into an electronic mapping system. Additionally, the entire Jundee footprint was surveyed and mapped.

"Having these maps ensure the site is fully compliant with the regulatory environment and that the traditional owners and land council all have access to the same technology and consistent information to protect that cultural practice and landscape," said External Affairs Manager Vanessa Elliott. "In the past, it would take more than a month of negotiations between the land council and Jundee to gain clarity on some sites, as staff had to wade through reports, plot information and check it against field data. Today, with a few clicks on the mouse, the information is available in tables, reports and can be visually mapped."

Completion of the survey and mapping work is a key step forward for Newmont in gaining clearance for exploration over the majority of the Jundee tenements, which had previously not been surveyed to the required standard. 

December 1, 2009