• In 1962, Newmont revolutionized the gold mining industry with the world’s first discovery of submicroscopic or “invisible gold.”
  • Newmont helped found the ICMM, promoting sustainable development and social responsibility in mining.

Twin Creeks Employees Save Colleague’s Life

Golconda, Nevada      

A group of Twin Creeks Mine employees were recently honored for responding quickly to the needs of a co-worker during a medical emergency.

AEDProduction employees, fresh off a night shift at Twin Creeks, were riding the bus home when one of them began to exhibit distress. Passenger Barbara Moore noticed and got the attention of Dave Lott, a mine rescue team member and EMT. Lott moved quickly to assess the condition of the employee, who began having seizures. As Lott began to supply oxygen, the employee went into cardiac arrest.

Lott retrieved an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) from the bus' on-board trauma kit and attached it to his co-worker's chest. Fellow employees Connie Pepper and Jose Leon assisted him with administering regular cycles of CPR followed by AED shocks. After three cycles, the employee's pulse and breathing returned. Soon afterward, an ambulance arrived. After being transferred to a Reno hospital for follow-up treatment, the patient had successfully recovered and returned to work.

These three employees, as well as Hartley Parish and Lalo Gonzalez, were presented Employee Recognition awards. Lott has worked for Newmont for five years and has performed mine rescue at different mines for 20 years. He also served on the Humboldt Ambulance Corps for 20 years and is currently working on the ambulance corps in McDermitt. We are very proud of these employees for their prompt actions.

As a result of this incident, all Newmont Nevada buses are now equipped with life-saving AEDs.  

December 1, 2009