• In 1962, Newmont revolutionized the gold mining industry with the world’s first discovery of submicroscopic or “invisible gold.”
  • Newmont helped found the ICMM, promoting sustainable development and social responsibility in mining.

Iraq Serviceman Stunned by Newmont’s

Elko, Nevada

Many Newmont employees who freely give their time and talent to enrich the lives of others don't see a return on that investment. But we recently learned that any effort – big or small – can make a difference.

Rick Waldie is a veteran Winnemucca, Nevada police officer who was recently deployed to Iraq. He had re-enlisted in the Idaho Army National Guard following retirement from law enforcement. He wrote to Sid Tison of Newmont Nevada's Human Resources team, after receiving an unexpected gift from Newmont.

"On December 23, I was notified that I had mail," Waldie e-mailed. "I went to the mail room expecting a card or two since it was just before Christmas. I had four huge boxes waiting for me, sent to me by Newmont."

Iraq Serviceman Stunned by Newmont’s The boxes contained snacks, phone calling cards, Christmas cards, health and comfort items, playing cards, games and stationery.

"I was blown away and so was my squad," Waldie said. "What amazed me the most was that I am not an employee of Newmont, and that a company doing business in my hometown took the time and expense to send such a great gift to a community member...to soldiers over here.

"I had heard of the support Newmont extended to its employees while they were deployed in the military, and always admired any employer who stood behind their employees in situations such as that," he continued. "I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and express my thanks for the generosity of Newmont Mining. This speaks volumes for your company."

April 18, 2011