• In 1962, Newmont revolutionized the gold mining industry with the world’s first discovery of submicroscopic or “invisible gold.”
  • Newmont helped found the ICMM, promoting sustainable development and social responsibility in mining.

Land Granted Back to Indonesian Government

Ratatotok, Indonesia

PT Newmont Minahasa Raya (PTNMR) returned nearly 1,100 acres (443.4 hectares) of reclaimed land to the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry in January. The land was borrowed from the Indonesian government when PTNMR was operating, and Newmont was pleased to be able return this valuable forested and species-filled parcel back to its owners.

Land Granted Back to Indonesian GovernmentPTNMR is the first mining company entering closure in Indonesia and has vegetated 100 percent of the land. It scored 93 out of 100 to fulfill the stipulated government regulation (80 is considered good standard).

“It took years of everyone’s effort and we are very proud of it,” said David Sompie, PTNMR site manager.

Additionally, the Ratatotok-Buyat Hospital was handed over to the Ministry of Health of Indonesia. The North Sulawesi Sustainable Development Foundation, founded by Newmont and the government, funded its construction.

The Foundation also provided $1.3 million (11,93 billion rupiahs) in venture capital assistance and community development aid in 2010.

April 18, 2011