• Newmont strives to engage and consult with communities with respect and transparency.
  • The Ahafo Linkages Program supports the development of local businesses in communities.

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The Africa Region

Newmont's Ahafo operation and Akyem project comprise about 20 percent of our core assets worldwide. They are serving as a catalyst for national development - bringing information technology, communications, education, technology transfer, human resource development, supply chain, electricity and health to the country. Within our concession areas, Newmont Ghana is working to responsibly operate and develop these mines so they may contribute significantly to local employment and economic growth, as well as improve living conditions.




Ahafo, Ghana

Developing our Ahafo operation proved challenging as the ore deposit was located beneath an area inhabited by about 1,700 households from two primary traditional areas, Ntotroso and Kenyase 2, both of which are near the mine. As a result, Newmont Ghana created a range of policies and procedures to resettle and compensate people for losses suffered from development.

Our staff collaborated with the affected community to enable them to successfully resettle. While the process was initially disruptive, we worked diligently to ensure a smooth transition. Newmont Ghana also compensated residents financially, as well as provided residents with new homes, schools and titles to land they previously were not allowed to own.

Additionally, we introduced a highly successful Agricultural Improvement and Land Access Program (AILAP), to assist compensated farmers directly affected by mine development to restart farming. We supported farmers with such incentives as farming inputs and access to alternative land. More than 95 percent of farmers who lost their lands are again farming using improved planting and harvesting methods that result in the production of higher yields.

The Newmont Ahafo Development Foundation (NADeF), a sustainable community development Foundation, was established in May 2008 between Newmont Ghana Gold Limited and the Ahafo Social Responsibility Forum. Through annual contributions from Newmont, NADeF supports community development programs in the area of the Ahafo Mines’ operations.



Akyem, Ghana

Newmont’s Akyem mine is located approximately 180 kilometres northwest of Accra, the national capital of Ghana. In late 2013, the Akyem successfully achieved commercial production, safely, on-budget and on-schedule. Newmont is committed to working with functional and appropriate environmental and community development practices throughout the life of the operation. Multiple programs and inititives are in place to ensure our participation in the shared and sustainable legacy.